Thursday, February 02, 2006

Scramble 3

"Phone Interview with the Program Director"

Usually, 24 hours after the match results are posted, a list of the programs that did not fill all their positions become available to registered candidates only. You will be notified on "Unmatch Day," the day before Match Day.

Are you sure the specialty you chose is still what you want? You have about 24 hours to reconsider and convince the program director on your phone interview. Another important consideration is your geographical flexibility. If you are flexible, you can be confident you will have a reasonable chance at the Post Match Scramble.

If you are one of those unfortunate few, listen to the advice from your Dean of Students and remain calm and attack the Post Match Scramble in an orderly manner until you secure a position. If you do not have a Dean or somebody familiar with the complex process then plan ahead and retain professional guidance early.

Beginning at 12 noon (EST) on Unmatch Day, unmatched applicants and unfilled programs begin the laborious process of contracting for positions.

In order to be prepared you need the following:

1. Fax Machine and Email Account ... critical ... your future will depend on a these tools (fax your CV, PS, LORs, Dean's Letter, ECFMG Certificate, transcript, picture)

2. Professionally prepared Curriculum Vitae ... they don't use ERAS after the Match!

3. Letters of Recommendation ... should be written in an Americanized format

4. Medical School Transcript

5. ECFMG Certificate

6. A flawless, and well written Personal Statement

7. Dean's Letter ... this is usually at least a 3 page comprehensive letter

8. Universal Application for Residency if the program asks for it


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