Sunday, February 05, 2006

Jobs of Path 1

LADoc00 at SDN
The pathology job situation in LA is beyond the pale. Aside from a IED killing most of the LA path society off, you might as well put your head between your legs and kiss your butt off. Realize the absurd number of:
people who want to live in LA, everyone, everyone and their DAMN MOMS TOO.
Massive managed care penetration of Kaiser, you will be a Kaiser biotch in LA, end of story.
The horrendous number of residents churned out down there is crazy, just crazy. UCLA, UCI, USC AND Loma Linda!!! Then the other crew from UCSF/Stanford and Davis trying to break in b/c their own markets are totally impacted. Madness I say.
I would do IM if you HAVE to stay in LA, you will be used/abused in that path scene, it is pure sharks.

When I went to LA path society meeting downtown, I used to have watch my back! There are resident/fellows who would shank me for just half of what I was making. They even have a yearly resident conference where they present cases and then are paraded around on a stage as the PD hope to auction em off to groups who might hire em. Im serious, it was cRaZy, I couldnt stop laughing at these poo' bastards. They might as well just had a big wet t-shirt contest and be honest about it

Goodluck. Play the lottery.
Yep. The supply is far outstripping demand. The problem you face in any big city is there is massive subset of the medical world who HAVE to live there and thus will take any job/contract/terms put in front of their face, they are:
1.) IMGs that want to stay in near big cities b/c they only can make friends with other people from their own country or they live with freakin grandparents who dont speak english. How they can enjoy marriage/life with grandma listening to you bang your wife has always baffled me.
2.) Women married to men who have jobs in big cities and cant relocate. They often dont have much ambition in terms of salary and for managed care are a wet dream come true, there are Kaiser groups of 8-10 pathologists composed of pure women!
3.) Gays who want to stay near gay friendly areas. Dunno, if I was a gay guy and my choice was 250K more a year or living in West Hollywood next to Trunks, my choice would be easy.
4.) Single women on the manhunt. Often terrified of moving to rural/suburb areas and marrying...God forbid!...someone who isnt rich/high status.
5.) Some URMs, although URMs in pathology are SUPER RARE, not sure why. (This is a very minor component, if at all)

Those factors along with a general oversupply create a Perfect Storm of caca that makes it impossible to find reasonable employment, I would say these are the worst path markets in the US:
1.) Boston - far and away the worst
2.) NYC - also a complete waste of time to even send a resume anywhere within commute range of Manhattan
3.) SF - people dont realize this city is small! And is the fastest shrinking city in the US.
4.) LA
5.) San Diego
6.) San Jose/Silicon Valley
7.) Baltimore
8.) Chicago
9.) Miami
+ Probably lots of New England places Im not familiar with, overall the Northeast US is a complete waste of time.


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