Sunday, February 05, 2006

Academia Pathjob

The bottom line is this kids: Academia is not about learning and pursuing a higher level of understanding. Academia is about money and politics. If you are a "bread and butter" good diagnostician, you can get a job in an academic center; its just that you'll never progress within the department.
My first job in pathology was at an academic center. It was more than obvious that unless you brought in serious NIH money, you were ignored. The powers that be see diagnosticians as "necessary evils". If you want to pursue a career as a diagnostic surgical pathologist (and want to progress as you get better and more experienced), then private practice is the place for you.

Academia is about becoming one with an evil leftist empire that threatens all of Western civilization. Until we all make the same crap salary they do and drive eco friendly cars while eating vegan sprout wraps and drinking organic farmer friendly coffee, they will never rest. They seek to destroy all that is good in the world in the name of cloning furry animals (err or lying about cloning furry animals ) and one day creating the holy grail of molecular biology research: the glowing penis. I read somewhere there is a secret feminist research cult that is using taxpayer money to replace all men on the earth and the rise of utopian muffnazi empire. Seriously, they are working on it as I type this.

There are several faculty members at my institution who publish translational/clinical projects with much less than 50% time off service for research.

The problem is a lot of the basic science people they bring on board work two months of the year on service (usually autopsy). It is utterly painful signing out with these people for a myriad of reasons, including the lack of teaching that goes on and their lack of experience due to the fact that they look at cases so infrequently.

Another issue I have, which has been previously alluded to, is the fact that it is the rare position in academia where you can work strictly in diagnostics and teach. I enjoying teaching, and would like to pursue it in the future, but with the way things are I now have to devote more time to research than I would like to. So, for a person like me, who wants to be a part of medical education, private practice isn't a great option.


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