Saturday, July 25, 2009

iphone tips: 1. sync

After getting an iphone, one would first think of synchronizing his or her little cute toy with exchange/outlook email account, as well as personal (often free) email account. For me, it primarily involves my lovely gmail. Gmail is so easy to set up at iphone, so is yahoo and aol for they are available in the default email account option. Google calendar and contact sync, however, seem a little bit more complicated. If you set up a gmail first, iphone will automatically sync your contact from gmail at the time of setup (through the smart itune).

There are three ways to sync your google calendar with iphone and without itune, which enable you to easily access when and where your next meeting is.
1. Just download a google apps to your iphone, which I found it is rather a collection of google website addresses (optimized for mobile though). The big con is you need to have internet connection (such as wifi, 3G, Edge or others) to access it.

2. Add an exchange email account using as server. It will automatically sync your calendar and conatct with gmail. Detail is found here Basically, you need to add an exchange account with your gmail email address, leaving server empty, and then add as server when later being asked again for server. Note that gmail is not sync through this exchange method yet. You can add more cal of your gmail account, up to 30 in OS 3.0 and 5 in OS2.2.x . Detailed instruction is available at google site. Briefly, you visit through iphone and then choose the cals of your interest after log-in. Another approach is available for other domains.

3. The last is to add a CalDav to iphone, a simple and basic way. Instruction is also available at I noticed this method seems only sync with one, the default, cal on your google account. If you only have and wanna one on your iphone, go ahead to use it. However, also keep in mind that you may not be able to sync your contact through this method, in contrast to method 2.

4. Of course itune. No need to repeat, and never forget the simplest way. More details are here.

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