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[zt]A story of not getting matched

EcoRone (中坑) 于 (Sat Mar 21 12:48:13 2009) 提到:

2006 graduate, 95, 97, cs passed, all in first attempt, had 5 nterviews..MPH
..some research publications yet..working on it..and no USCE.
.did not match..tried for scramble..2 programs called..they said that they liked me..but said they cant sponsor visa..its so...irritating..tired of this near misses

What do you think..My analysis for me not getting matched is this..I hope it helps future applicants also..
1. Scores are not everything..they are very..very..tiny addition to your CV.
2. USCE is everything..
3. Programs actually read Personal Statements..I always thought my PS sucked..but I had prepared it at last min cause when we were about to apply, I had to evacuate due to a hurricane..
4. On the same note, I applied on Sep 8th..which is a very huge mistake..everything should go on the first matter what happens..
5. Get everything by September..Whatever you do a waste..Programs dont consider that..That I saw in my interviews..I built my CV mainly after September..I dont think programs remembered me talking about my research and all..
6. Dont count NY programs on your rank cannot trust them..They interview too many will be lost in the crowd unless you personally know someone there..I had 4 NY interviews.
7. Dont trust any letters which come that say they ranked you high.
8. Scramble is a waste of time for the most part. They are mainly looking for AMGs. I had 2 today..can you imagine..they called me today..and sorry we liked you but we dont offer visas
9. Life does not suck..cause life goes on..even if you dont get matched..and you can expect bigger and better next year.
10. NY programs want Step 3. Even if you have average scores with Step 3.. you are better placed than a person with good scores and no step 3.
11. When you see on the website that a program has certain criteria to apply, If you dont meet the criteria, dont apply. Its a simple waste of money. I had applied to a place like that, I knew that they dont accept people without one year of clinical experience..I used to go there everyday to morning reports and case conferences after getting permission. I spoke with the PD. But finally, they just followed their criteria, they did not call me for an interview. I think there will be lot of stories where this is not true..but this is the rule..

The whole point of my lengthy discussion is ..Research your Programs..Dont go blindly by the IMG friendly list available..thats what I did. I did not apply to so many programs which were not on the list but were very IMG friendly. By the way, i applied to 160 programs..some of which i regret now. .Yale, Harvard..I did not realise that I was wasting 25 dollars every time I clicked on a program.


Callmeman (麦地差生) 于 (Sat Mar 21 18:18:51 2009) 提到:

USCE=United States Clinic Experience

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Blogger Zhang said...

This piece of suggestion is indeed very practical and insightful.

One more note is that one should always avoid a career gap. MANY CMGs have encounter a problem associated with it, even with high USMLE scores.

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