Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Cancer Cell may 2006

Cancer Cell May 2006 CONTENT

The challenges of gene expression microarrays for the study of human cancer Anna V. Tinker, Alex Boussioutas, and David D.L. Bowtell[Summary]

Ewing's sarcoma: General insights from a rare model Sean Davis and Paul S. Meltzer[Summary]
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Expression profiling of EWS/FLI identifies NKX2.2 as a critical target gene in Ewing's sarcoma Richard Smith, Leah A. Owen, Deborah J. Trem, Jenny S. Wong, Jennifer S. Whangbo, Todd R. Golub, and Stephen L. Lessnick[Summary]

NKX3.1 stabilizes p53, inhibits AKT activation, and blocks prostate cancer initiation caused by PTEN loss Qunying Lei, Jing Jiao, Li Xin, Chun-Ju Chang, Shunyou Wang, Jing Gao, Martin E. Gleave, Owen N. Witte, Xin Liu, and Hong Wu[Summary]
The PTEN and INK4A/ARF tumor suppressors maintain myelolymphoid homeostasis and cooperate to constrain histiocytic sarcoma development in humans Daniel R. Carrasco, Tim Fenton, Kumar Sukhdeo, Marina Protopopova, Miriam Enos, Mingjian J. You, Dolores Divicio, Cristina Nogueira, Jayne Stommel, Geraldine S. Pinkus, Christopher Fletcher, Jason L. Hornick, Webster K. Cavenee, Frank B. Furnari, and Ronald A. DePinho[Summary]


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