Monday, May 08, 2006

Am J Path May 2006


Cancer Interaction with the Bone Microenvironment: A Workshop of the National Institutes of Health Tumor Microenvironment Study Section Michael L. Cher, Dwight A. Towler, Shahin Rafii, David Rowley, Henry J. Donahue, Evan Keller, Meenhard Herlyn, Eun Ah Cho, and Leland W.K. Chung Am J Pathol 2006;168 1405-1412 [abstract]

Glen Roseborough, Daqing Gao, Lei Chen, Michael A. Trush, Shaoyu Zhou, G. Melville Williams, and Chiming Wei The Mitochondrial K-ATP Channel Opener, Diazoxide, Prevents Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury in the Rabbit Spinal Cord Am J Pathol 2006 168: 1443-1451. [Abstract]

Jing-Lin Xia, Chunsun Dai, George K. Michalopoulos, and Youhua Liu Hepatocyte Growth Factor Attenuates Liver Fibrosis Induced by Bile Duct Ligation Am J Pathol 2006 168: 1500-1512. [Abstract]

Monika Kasprzycka, Miroslaw Majewski, Zhi-Jong Wang, Andrzej Ptasznik, Maria Wysocka, Qian Zhang, Michal Marzec, Phyllis Gimotty, Mark R. Crompton, and Mariusz A. Wasik Expression and Oncogenic Role of Brk (PTK6/Sik) Protein Tyrosine Kinase in LymphocytesAm J Pathol 2006 168: 1631-1641. [Abstract]

Mariana Rodríguez Zubieta, David Furman, Marcela Barrio, Alicia Inés Bravo, Enzo Domenichini, and José Mordoh Galectin-3 Expression Correlates with Apoptosis of Tumor-Associated Lymphocytes in Human Melanoma Biopsies Am J Pathol 2006 168: 1666-1675. [Abstract]


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