Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Am J Surg Path may 2006


Microadenomatosis of the Endocrine Pancreas in Patients With and Without the Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia Type 1 Syndrome
Martin Anlauf; Regina Schlenger; Aurel Perren; Juliane Bauersfeld; Christian A. Koch; Henning Dralle; Andreas Raffel; Wolfram T. Knoefel; Eberhard Weihe; Philippe Ruszniewski; Anne Couvelard; Paul Komminoth; Philipp U. Heitz; Günter Klöppel 560-574

Pathologic Findings of Lung Tumors Diagnosed on Baseline CT Screening
and the ELCAP Investigators 606-613

Lymph Node Involvement in Ovarian Serous Tumors of Low Malignant Potential (Borderline Tumors): Pathology, Prognosis, and Proposed Classification
Jesse K. McKenney; Bonnie L. Balzer; Teri A. Longacre 614-624

Use of Chromogenic In Situ Hybridization to Identify MYCN Gene Copy Number in Neuroblastoma Using Routine Tissue Sections
Paul S. Thorner; Michael Ho; Susan Chilton-MacNeill; Maria Zielenska 635-642


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