Monday, April 17, 2006

Cancer Research apr 2006

Vol 66, issue 8 , Apr 2006

Meeting Report: Antiangiogenesis and Drug Delivery to Tumors: Bench to Bedside and Back Dan G. Duda Cancer Res 2006 66: 3967-3970

KRAS Mutation Status Is Predictive of Response to Cetuximab Therapy in Colorectal Cancer Astrid Lièvre, Jean-Baptiste Bachet, Delphine Le Corre, Valérie Boige, Bruno Landi, Jean-François Emile, Jean-François Côté, Gorana Tomasic, Christophe Penna, Michel Ducreux, Philippe Rougier, Frédérique Penault-Llorca, and Pierre Laurent-Puig Cancer Res 2006 66: 3992-3995

Id1 Transcription Inhibitor–Matrix Metalloproteinase 9 Axis Enhances Invasiveness of the Breakpoint Cluster Region/Abelson Tyrosine Kinase–Transformed Leukemia CellsMargaret Nieborowska-Skorska, Grazyna Hoser, Lori Rink, Maciej Malecki, Plamen Kossev, Mariusz A. Wasik, and Tomasz Skorski Cancer Res 2006 66: 4108-4116

Multiple Adaptive Mechanisms to Chronic Liver Disease Revealed at Early Stages of Liver Carcinogenesis in the Mdr2-Knockout Mice Mark Katzenellenbogen, Orit Pappo, Hila Barash, Naama Klopstock, Lina Mizrahi, Devorah Olam, Jasmine Jacob-Hirsch, Ninette Amariglio, Gidi Rechavi, Leslie Ann Mitchell, Ron Kohen, Eytan Domany, Eithan Galun, and Daniel Goldenberg Cancer Res 2006 66: 4001-4010

Two-Dimensional Transcriptome Profiling: Identification of Messenger RNA Isoform Signatures in Prostate Cancer from Archived Paraffin-Embedded Cancer Specimens Hai-Ri Li, Jessica Wang-Rodriguez, T. Murlidharan Nair, Joanne M. Yeakley, Young-Soo Kwon, Marina Bibikova, Christina Zheng, Lixin Zhou, Kui Zhang, Tracy Downs, Xiang-Dong Fu, and Jian-Bing Fan Cancer Res 2006 66: 4079-4088.

Targeting Oncogenes to Improve Breast Cancer Chemotherapy Laura A. Christensen, Rick A. Finch, Adam J. Booker, and Karen M. Vasquez Cancer Res 2006 66: 4089-4094.

The Kinase Mirk/Dyrk1B Mediates Cell Survival in Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma Xiaobing Deng, Daina Z. Ewton, Sheena Li, Asghar Naqvi, Stephen E. Mercer, Steve Landas, and Eileen Friedman Cancer Res 2006 66: 4149-4158.

Development of Real-time Subcellular Dynamic Multicolor Imaging of Cancer-Cell Trafficking in Live Mice with a Variable-Magnification Whole-Mouse Imaging System Kensuke Yamauchi, Meng Yang, Ping Jiang, Mingxu Xu, Norio Yamamoto, Hiroyuki Tsuchiya, Katsuro Tomita, Abdool R. Moossa, Michael Bouvet, and Robert M. Hoffman Cancer Res 2006 66: 4208-4214.

Tumor Imaging Using a Picomolar Affinity HER2 Binding Affibody Molecule Anna Orlova, Mikaela Magnusson, Tove L.J. Eriksson, Martin Nilsson, Barbro Larsson, Ingmarie Höidén-Guthenberg, Charles Widström, Jörgen Carlsson, Vladimir Tolmachev, Stefan Ståhl, and Fredrik Y. Nilsson Cancer Res 2006 66: 4339-4348.

Characterization of a Novel Human Tumor Antigen Interleukin-13 Receptor 2 Chain Koji Kawakami, Masaki Terabe, Mariko Kawakami, Jay A. Berzofsky, and Raj K. Puri Cancer Res 2006 66: 4434-4442.


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