Thursday, January 12, 2006

Back from interview

Finally, I am done with interviews.

The places are pleasant and attractive to me. Interestingly, the prospectives from different faculty members regarding the same residency program are quite different. Some are even contrary.

BMC has large volume of surg path, almost 45k per year for total 4 interns (last year 3). Busy schedule, such as 7-8pm with occasionally 10-11pm. They had wonderful faculty members, but no research projects are really carried out, except some small translational ones with abstracts in USCAP. Location wise, it's a good choice, however, it may not be that preferable for New Yorker.

N program has strong research, but apparently fewer clinical experts. Case vollume is reasonable in my view. The advantage is the research opportunities and maybe lighter schedule. Very friendly to IMGs. I guess AMG are not interested in such a program that produces good academic pathologist. They want to practice. Board exams performance was wonderful, partially due to their low work load.

M program has busy schedule and large volume. Supporsely, it gave one of the best residency training in clinical pathology. Research was minimal but still exists. Board performance sucks the year before, however, they were aware of the problem and last-year residents did pretty well.

Both M and N have good career outcome such as pretigious fellowship.


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