Saturday, September 26, 2009

First Mock interview succeeded

9/26 First Mock interview succeeded
September 27, 2009

We had 22 CMGs and 8 attendings. Many thanks to the attending physicians, Drs. Gu, Tan, Ma, Chambers, Wlody, Comrie, and several non-Chinese attendings.

The session started with a round of interview by Dr. Wlody and Chambers at 8:15. It was concluded by my group discussion with 15 CMGs, who were able to stay, at 3:15.

Most of the CMG had a mock interview with 3 or more attendings of their desired specialty. Dr. Gu of internal medicine is one of the most popular interviewers! He extended his stay to accommodate more CMG, so did Dr. Tan. We really appreciate their efforts.

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