Wednesday, January 25, 2006

a prematch for madoc

After a long journey of preparation and interviews, Madoc at finally got his prematch and concluded his period of Match with wonderful end.

He's very high scores, if I recall it, like 90+ in USMLE step1 and 2.
He's PhD in US, which was from a good US school.
He's working experience in hospital info management, for 1-2 years. That provides him unique experience in the US health system.
He's US clinical experience, by attending an out-of-his-pocket externship of 3 month.
He's US green card.

In summary, he's almost very thing one needs for the match, or residency application. So it's not a surprise that he succeeded.

Best of wishes to him!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know Madoc. He is not that strong as you said so. You over exaggerated about him.
But I think he qualified for being a doctor here. That is enough.
Don't use imagination to scare yourself or others out of the true world. This is a world, that pays for your effort. Just do it, everyone!

3:37 PM  

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