Wednesday, January 25, 2006

a letter to scienceblogs

Dear staff,

My blogs are and

The Zhang Lab was dedicated into stem cell research, also covering recent biomedical literatures of general interest, for stem cell biologists. It includes highlights in stem cell research (HiSCR), journal club and general readings (GR). HiSCR was a collection of recent publications with immediate interest to stem cell biologists. I generally browse and pick up papers from Impact Factor more than 10 or so, therefore, the data in the paper would be more solid or less likely a fraud. In weekly journal club, I would discuss significance, perspective and problems/arguments about 1 or 2 recent interesting papers. Hopefully, JC would stimulate more serious thinking about such subject. GR is for brain storm, in my view. This collective reading list may help broarden our science thinking in certain way. These 3 parts would fit into general biologist or experienced stem cell biologist, as I propose
The later Dr. SLK was for clinical medicine with focus on pathology, which would become my clinical training specialty. I would comment on recent progress in medical fields, including general health news and publication in medical journals such as JAMA, NEJM, BMJ, Lancet, etc.

I have tried to find a place/site where many good scientists share their blogs of serious scientific thinking. With a link from Nat Genetics Blog, I found you site, and thought it would fit my blog perfectly.

Thank you very much for your consideration.

Lanjing Zhang, MD
PS, you may find my CV at


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