Monday, January 30, 2006

EnglishPod 39

Adjectives 'a-jik-tiv
How to paint a picture.
Adorable &-'dOr-&-b&l, -'dor-
most times for baby or puppies
Average 'a-v(&-)rij
normal, ordinary
Clean-cut man
Concerned k&n-'s&rnd
Curious 'kyur-E-&s curiosity "kyur-E-'ä-s(&-)tE
Cute 'kyüt cuteness noun
Not beautiful, but pleasant. Always for woman. Innocent feeling.
Distinct di-'sti[ng](k)t
Elegant 'e-li-g&nt
lady like, carried herself well. High class.
Filthy 'fil-thE
Glamorous 'glam-r&s, 'gla-m&-/
loud dress. most times for Hollywood stars
Strange 'strAnj
Ugly '&-glE
no for man or woman.


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